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Q: How many distribution channels have you got?
A: You can purchase our products via our 4 distribution channels:
 ⦁ PIGER WORKS Factory & Store at 168 Soi Piboon Sonkram 22, Yaek 16, Tumbon Bangkhen, Ampur Muang, Nonthaburi Province. We are open every day from 10:00 - 20:00 hrs. For more information please call 089-5244005
 ⦁ Our Online store ⦁
 ⦁ Make your order via LINE@ : @PIGERWORKS
 ⦁ Inbox your order at ⦁

Q: How many sizes can you make? (Can you make it for those whose sizes are smaller or larger than what specified on your size chart?)
A: PIGER WORKS’ product size range is from W25 – W60 which covers almost all the sizes. In case you request for any other sizes than this, please contact us, we are really pleased to make it for you if we are able to. 

Q: Can I exchange the product in case it is too large or too small for me?
A: You can exchange it within 15 day since the purchase is made. Under the conditions that the product must not be worn and washed.

Q: What is the process of receiving after sales service?
A: Write down your name and telephone number with the details of service you would like to receive along with 150 baht for returning repaired jeans to you. Send them to:
PIGER WORKS 168 Soi Piboon Sonkram 22, Yaek 16, Tumbon Bangkhen, Ampur Muang, Nonthaburi Province 11000
Service cost:
 ⦁ Patching: free of charge
 ⦁ Attaching the button: If you send the old button back to us, it is free of charge. In case the old button is lost, the charge would be:
  - 550 baht for a top silver button
  - 150 baht for a top brass button
  - 50 baht for a small lathed button
  - 50 baht for a rivet
 ⦁ Adjusting the leg shape to match your body shape or cut off the length: free of charge
 ⦁ Adjusting size e.g. resize from W38 to W36: 500 baht for adjusting service and 550 baht for button cost.
 ⦁ Latter Label: 350 bath
 ⦁ Sending repaired jeans back to you by EMS: 150 baht and next jeans 50 bath(to all area in Thailand)

Q: In case the product I want to purchase is out of stock, how many days are required to produce the new ones?
A: We require 7 – 10 days.

Q: Can you do custom made jeans?
A: You can request for the shape and size you want. You are welcomed to our shop for size measurement. Our expertise team can suggest the customization which suits you best. But the designs and materials cannot be customized e.g. material of leather label, color of thread, material of buttons used, and rivets, these will have to be as specified on the jeans design.

Q: Can I bring my PIGER WORKS jeans for shape adjusting?
A: Yes, you can bring your jeans to us for shape adjusting and other after sales service e.g. torn crotch repair, attaching the button, and cutting off the length for instance.

Q: What are sanforized and un-sanforized denim?
A: Sanforization is the process to make the denim shrunk before cutting process. The denim which has been sanforized will be a little bit more shrunk after washing approximately 1 – 3%. Un-sanforized denim will be shrunk after washing approximately 10 – 13%

Q: What is ounce of denim?
A: Ounce is the unit used to measure the weight of denim per 1 square yard (90 x 90 centimeters)

Q: Should I wash my jeans before first time of wearing?
A: Jeans made of un-sanforized denim need to be washed before wearing. Since this kind of denim will shrink a lot, so we spare for that by making it larger than your actual size to make sure it fits you after washing.
Jeans made of sanforized fabric can be worn without washing. We suggest to wear without washing for 1 – 3 months to create creases from wearing and beautiful apparent color fade. However, wearing without washing means the denim is still covered with starch and it may cause your pair of jeans to be uneasily to breathe and rigid. It may be more uncomfortable to wear comparing to washing before wearing one.


The very first words that initiate the brand; the mentality to make the best of what we love, has created intent work morality. We never stop developing and seeking the best for our valued friends and customers.


A tiny factory filled with quality, the crew of which paid closely attention to every step. From designing, sourcing, dedicated sewing, handcrafted finishing, to quality assuring, every step has been specially taken care of to ensure best work piece.


We got service department at the factory to serve our valued customers since we believe that no one can fix the damage after wearing of jeans from our factory better than our factory. We also emphasize on making our after sales service even better. Although it has already been accepted as the best service in the market.


Our solid concept and commitment to make the best thing, intention and attention on every step of design and production process, and also excellent service, all of these have been accepted and make us proud of the quality of products under PIGER WORKS brand, that another pride of Thailand is right here.