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"Explore and enhance value in masterpiece"

Opaspong's Project is same as a painting that every line and color was painted tenderly and thoughtfully.

Every step of design and production is overwhelmed by energy of love, passion and over limit of dedication to crafting what we love for who we love.

And now, jeans are not anymore just what they used to be.

Opaspong Tongnuch


The very first words that initiate the brand; the mentality to make the best of what we love, has created intent work morality. We never stop developing and seeking the best for our valued friends and customers.


A tiny factory filled with quality, the crew of which paid closely attention to every step. From designing, sourcing, dedicated sewing, handcrafted finishing, to quality assuring, every step has been specially taken care of to ensure best work piece.


We got service department at the factory to serve our valued customers since we believe that no one can fix the damage after wearing of jeans from our factory better than our factory. We also emphasize on making our after sales service even better. Although it has already been accepted as the best service in the market.


Our solid concept and commitment to make the best thing, intention and attention on every step of design and production process, and also excellent service, all of these have been accepted and make us proud of the quality of products under PIGER WORKS brand, that another pride of Thailand is right here.